Femininitees™ was born on a cold winter night in the Brooklyn apartment of two women. The heat was broken and their nipples were hard. Surrounded by space heaters, the women discussed the upcoming Presidential election, its weight looming over their heads like that month's electricity bill. 

Despite major advances, the United States is still not a place where women have equal pay, where they can revel in uncensored lives as men do. Women's bodies are judged and often shamed while their voices remain apologetic. 

Femininitees™ are one-of-a-kind,  embroidered T-shirts created by two women, for all women. Each shirt has a specific message that aims to bring attention to the gender inequalities females deal with everyday. 

A portion of all proceeds is donated to the National Organization for Women (NOW). 

We hope that through this endeavor we can give girls confidence to speak out about injustice and take a small step forward towards gender equality. 

When talking isn't enough, wear the message across your censored, life-providing tits.